Adele shares emotional performance of ❝To Be Loved❞ from new album ❝30.❞

Adele shares emotionally charged low-key performance of new track ❝To Be Loved❞ from 
forthcoming album ❝30❞ and she's certainly aiming for that onion watery effect. 
She's in the comfort of her own home, casually singing her arse off while sitting down on the couch in some sweat pants and a hoodie. After doing some full power belts, she casually ends the low-key performance with, “there was a couple notes but...” as in, there was a couple notes but I'm still not satisfied and yet, I'm going to have ya'll reaching for the tissues, a gallon of cookies n’ cream ice cream — and probably some bourbon and therapy for good measure!


Scoopz said...

She ate this up. Great performance. Far more engaging than that Oprah special. I couldn't sit through that sh*t for more than 30 secs per vid. I really tried 😖😂

Toya said...

The cinematography was gorgeous but the performances were painfully boring. Not sure how anyone can go to a concert and pay a months rent money on tickets and she's not providing any entertainment value to her shows. I'm not saying she has to be Beyoncé but give us something! It's a good job she's likable and has hordes of personality.