Britney Spears hints at a tell-all interview with Oprah in new Instagram post...

Although she is officially free, Britney Spears is clearly itching to tell 
her story on a global platform like Oprah as hinted on her Instagram.
Were you silent or were you silenced?❞ Britney clearly wants to do a Meghan Markle style tell all. She wants to speak out about the 13-year trauma she suffered at the hands of an abusive conservatorship. She is itching to air out her thieving daddy and church going mama. Britney says she is use to keeping the peace for the family and keeping her mouth shut, but not this time. She insists she has NOT FORGOTTEN. She probably wants to drag them in a way that entails attaching several fish hooks to their ankles, tied to the back of a moving car. A car speeding around at about 10km per hour non stop. During hour intervals, she gets to pour salt water on them and when they get thirsty, she gives them lukewarm water to drink... from a nearby toilet. She wants mom, dad AND siblings to feel the way SHE did... lost, broken, small and powerless. This is the type of DRAGGING and TORMENT she desires for them and it is what an Oprah interview will do. Many of us will be watching, even if Oprah does not deserve the record breaking viewership.