Adele’s brand new album ❝30❞ is now available to stream ♫♫

Adele's new album ❝30❞ has finally landed!
The album entails production from Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, Shellback, Inflo, and more. Twelve new songs finally at your beck and call. Feel free to share your favourite song from the project!


Sov said...

I saw the video for To Be Loved yesterday and just heard it again. To me, this song is everything, I think everyone can relate somehow. The lyric "let it be known that I've tried", wow. Just after two listens, it is already one of my favs of this record.

I immediately enjoyed the more uptempo songs Cry Your Heart Out, Oh My God and Can I Get It. And of course those ballads like Love Is A Game, so beautiful.

I do understand your comment from a previous post that she repeats her sound and style. Personally, I hear a growth in her vocals and she touches me with those powerful vocals. And for me, that is what makes this "30-era" exciting for me.

nil said...

I like the oh my god song.

Toya said...

Album review is up.