Toya’s Top 5 songs off Adele’s new album ❝30❞ | Album Review

Here is my impromptu album review for Adele's new album ❝30,❞ 
where I reveal my top five songs off the project! 
A written conclusion which entails my thoughts on the overall project as a whole is included too. Feel free to share your top five songs off the project, which was released globally today. The album entails production from Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, Shellback, Inflo, and more. Stream the entire album here if you've yet to do so.

The raw and gut wrenching ❝My Little Love❞ by Adele is a spiritual experience and will certainly have you in your feelings. The song features recorded conversations about divorce with her 8-year-old son Angelo. Cue those box of tissues because this vintage R&B vibes of a tear jerker is so very intimate and vulnerable. A standout track by far! 

Adele is always catching flack for not switching up her sound, but there are songs on this album that sound nothing like what she's done before. The upbeat and contemporary pop scorcher ❝Oh My God❞ is certainly one of them. It is probably the most upbeat she’s done and it’s so vibey. A jubilant bop!

Adele certainly got in her R&B bag with ❝All Night Parking.❞ Yes darling, bring it. A slow burning R&B jam about new love and it's certainly giving Erykah Badu with a little Jill Scott vibes. She would never record a full blown R&B album, but if she did, this is the sound I'd totally champion for!

It's crazy that the vocals in the performance footage of ❝To Be Loved❞ sound more polished than the studio version whereas in the studio version you can actually hear some cracking in her voice. But that's what makes the studio version great as well because the raw emotion is certainly prevalent here. Vocally, this is the most raw she has ever sounded. 

❝Love is A Game❞ has an old Hollywood retro-ness to it (pretty much like the intro song) and it has such a thematic, vintage vibe that draws you in. What a way to close the album!

Conclusion: I really enjoyed this album and it is miles ahead better than ❝25❞ already, although not quite hitting as hard as ❝21❞ but maybe that's a little unfair. ❝Easy on Me❞ is easily the worst song on the album, and it's not even a bad song. However, I do understand why she released it as the first single. She had to be strategic. Some of it is giving Amy Winehouse teas and I don't think anyone can complain that she didn't try anything new with this album. At least not when she was giving us orchestra, country, R&B, jazz and pop ballads. There is also some indie rock, a little reggae, soul, Motown and more into one single album! I think the album has some replay value and I will definitely return to it this Fall. Rating: 3.5/5



Remmi said...

The album had me pining for some new Amy Winehouse as well. From a quick listen, I like:
Can I Get It
All Night Parking
Woman Like Me
Hold On
To Be Loved

Remmi said...

I disagree about there being songs on the album sounding like nothing she's done before though. And she has songs that are more upbeat than "Oh My God" (Cold Shoulder, Rolling In The Deep, Rumor Has It, Send My Love...) I think this is my least fave of her albums tbh.

Jasmin S Hall said...

Def like this project more than 25. What you said about the closer track being the perfect ending and some tracks having some Amy influences is definitely true. Also didnt love Easy On Me. Loved that there were some slight switches to her usual formula too!