Adele releases trailers for BOTH of her upcoming TV specials (ITV & CBS.)

Adele is belting bricks in a new commercial and trailer for her upcoming 
TV specials, ❝An Audience With Adele❞ & ❝One Night Only.
Adele really isn't messing about with this promo is she? Her new concert special — ❝Adele: One Night Only❞ airs tonight on CBS, while ❝An Audience With Adele❞ airs on ITV on November 21st. Her album ❝30❞ drops next Friday. Adele really is coming for all the pop girlies necks. See this type of campaign and promo? It is literally almost at presidential candidate levels. In the words of Mariah, she's a press conference, and the rest are just... conversations.


nil said...

Do you think she is gonna announce a tour? with the current state of the world i feel like she isnt going to tour.. she does not even need it. This album will sell like crazy . These 2 specials are just enough promo. than she can go back into hiding haha

Scoopz said...

I really like her as a person, shes got personality for days, but i just have zero interest in her music. 19 and 21 I might investigate as the singles from those sounded interesting. But 25 and up sounds like soccer mom music and that ish can pass me by 🤣