Watch: Adele performs new songs off upcoming album ❝30❞ on ❝One Night Only.❞

Adele belted out new songs off her upcoming album ❝30❞ on last 
night's Oprah-hosted CBS special ❝One Night Only.❞  
Adele has a nice tone and she is a very seasoned songwriter. However, she's clearly allergic to putting out fun and upbeat tunes. All the bells and whistles were there, from the backup singers, and orchestra with piano to the star-studded audience and a proposal no less. 9.9 million viewers reportedly tuned in making it the most watched entertainment special since the Oscars seven months ago. She performed new tunes ❝Easy on Me,❞ confirmed second single I Drink Wine, Hold On and Love Is A Game. All can be watched below. 


Remmi said...

Depression overload at its finest. I could only tolerate istening to 10 seconds of all of them.

Toya said...

I couldn't get through all the performances either lol.