Ariana Grande tweeted her dream role of ❝Glinda❞ into existence... 10 years ago #Wicked

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo will portray Glinda and Elphaba, respectively in ❝Wicked,❞ 
Universal’s big-screen adaptation of the Tony-winning musical.
Helmed by In the Heights❞ director Jon M. Chu, it serves as the prequel to 
❝The Wizard of Oz,❞  and tells the story of everything leading up to Dorothy’s arrival in Oz. 
Outside of Cat, Ariana Grande doesn't really have much of a multi-dimensional acting range. Would she really be able to pull off the character and separate her pop singing style to a theatrical one? Despite looking mid 40s facially and NOT passing as a college-age studuent, Cynthia Erivo gets the role. It's possible this could be disguised by the green makeup, but overall this was not the best casting. Seems Cynthia was chosen simply for being the IT black actress now. Since the announcement, a 2011 tweet from Ariana naming Glinda as her dream role is resurfacing. What a world to live in when we can speak our dreams into existence!