Britney Spears puts her mom on blast & Beyoncé breaks her 0 follower streak on Instagram...

Britney Spears drags her mother on Instagram, and Beyoncé officially follows 
her very first peron on the platform - her husband!
In a now deleted Instagram post, Britney Spears blames her mother, Lynne, 
for giving her father the idea to establish her conservatorship in 2008. 
You know exactly what you did... my dad is not smart enough to ever think of a conservatorship,❞ she wrote. The tweet is one of many vented frustrations about how hurt and let down she's been by her own family under the 13-year legal arrangement.
Britney’s conservatorship has not yet been terminated and and she won't know until her next court hearing on November 12th. Honestly, who needs enemies when you have family like hers? For the first time ever, Beyoncé breaks her 0 following streak on Instagram by following back Jay-Z, who has just joined the platform. Wifey is also the ONLY person he follows. Jay-Z really became the first person in the world to be followed by Beyoncé on Instagram. She hasn’t followed anyone else since she joined the platform in 2012. Let THAT sink in.


Unknown said...

Why do the beyhives and the media gas up everything Beyonce do?!?! That's her husband, why is it such a big deal that she's following him?!

Scoopz said...

Its not that its specifically him, its more that shes followed anyone at all which she has never done before now. So the fact that she has made an exception for her husband is kind of sweet and people appreciate that and are commenting. Dont be a Grinch lol