Lady Gaga & Adele for British Vogue: Who wore it better?

Lady Gaga was seen in British Vogue wearing the same Valentino Haute Couture gown 
that Adele wore for her recent British Vogue cover. 
It looks like British Vogue's budget may have started 
to run thin for wardrobe. 
Perhaps this is what a post-Brexit Britain is now looking like, where high end publications need to recycle dresses for their cover stars? Both ladies looked radiant in the bubble gum pink ensemble, serving fashion, art and inspiration to their spreads. However, the question needs to be asked... who wore it better?


Scoopz said...

Adele takes this one for me. The outfits been adjusted to fit her body better and makes it look elegant and regal. I don't think it flatters Gaga's body, however her photo is more striking because of the lighting and stark white background which makes the pink pop whereas in Adele's pic the warm tone of the sunlight just makes the outfit blend in more. Adele wears it better, Gaga's photos better. 😄

Toya said...

You're very observant lol but yeah I'd have said Adele as well.

Unknown said...

Lady Gaga!!!!!!!

Ryan said...

maaf, tapi kami tidak suka dan itu tidak ada pantas-pantasnya berhijab tapi di sisi lain tak tertutup, lebih baik lepas hijab dan telanjang saja