Indie record store boycotts Adele’s ❝30❞ vinyl release...

Adele has been blamed for vinyl production suffering manufacturing delays, 
and now an independent record store is boycotting her 30 vinyl release.
Due to the pandemic, there has been massive 
backlogging for vinyl production. 
Apparently, ❝vinyl-hogging❞ Adele has pressed over 500,000 vinyl copies of her upcoming album, due November 19th. She turned in her album SIX months prior so that the vinyl was able to come out at the same time as it’s release. Such swift action is sure to pay off since she is now certain to break records for biggest first-week vinyl sales in history. Ed Sheeran recently said in an Australian radio interview that “Adele had basically booked out all the vinyl factories.” Despite this, he was still reportedly able to turn in his album in July and release it on vinyl on October 29th. Therefore, boycotting Adele's album seems pointless because she still had to follow the guidelines, and turn in her album MUCH earlier. Monopolisation of what though? All her label did was legitimately foresee her demand over six months to print the amount needed for fans' demands on day of release!