Beyoncé reportedly attended the taping of ❝An Audience with Adele.❞

According to UK's Independent, Beyoncé was in attendance last night 
at the London taping of Adele's ITV special, ❝An Audience with Adele.❞ 
Apparently, she skipped the red carpet because she didn't 
want to detract from Adele's big moment.
Imagine Beyoncé showing up at the red carpet and grabbing ALL the headlines? Beyoncé appearances get more press than the actual person fronting the event. Don't fancy being overshadowed at your own event? DON'T invite Beyoncé! It's interesting that Beyoncé seemingly didn't show up for her husband's big night at the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony last week. The reality is that she could easily have been there but just didn't want to be seen. She's been known to do that sometimes. Anyway, several people that sat in the audience claimed to have spotted her, but people have been known to say anything for online clout. Guess we won't really know until the show airs on November 21st.
Courtesy of The Independent...