Monica is making more excuses as to why her album ❝Trenches❞ still can’t drop...

Monica's new album Trenches was suppose to drop in 2020 and now there's uncertainty 
as to whether it will even see the light of day in 2022. Monica explains why.
The R&B veteran compares the delayed process to one that was very similar to her 2003 album ❝After The Storm.❞ That was almost 20 years ago when R&B music was still popular and she was still a lead-selling R&B artist. We're in a different age now, the digital age, where the music industry has completely changed. She says life keeps happening before confirming that the next update will be the release date, but is she speaking too soon? At this point, Monica may as well just forget her music career and continue her foray into becoming an Instagram model instead. 


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Unknown said...

Monica is legendary..she has a loyal fan base and we will be riding with her till she feel likes it's time..don't nobody do it like Mo #period..she got this

Lauryn said...

I love Monica, but it seems she prefers modeling on instagram. She posts sooooo many pics, it's not even funny. She's gorgeous, but I want music!

Bamaboifresh said...

You do realize she had a #1 song less than 2 years ago

Toya said...

On the Hot 100?

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