Serena Williams reveals why Beyoncé was the only perfect candidate to record ❝Be Alive.❞

Serena Williams reveals to Jimmy Kimmel why Beyoncé 
was the perfect choice to record ❝Be Alive.
❝There was no other person that could do this song except 
Beyoncé❞ says Williams.   
We had similar paths, we trained at an early age to reach a goal... It all came together so perfectly.” The song features on the soundtrack for Will Smith’s new film ‘King Richard’. The film is about how Richard Williams empowered his daughters Venus and Serena to dominate the sport of tennis. In their respective fields, Beyoncé and Serena are about as similar as two professionals can be. They are both at the top of their professions. Williams is one of the best tennis players, and arguably athletes, of all time. Beyoncé is a singer who sells out stadiums within minutes. In a nutshell, Beyoncé is Serena and Serena is Beyoncé.