Beyoncé releases statement before Travis Scott following tragic festival stampede...

Beyoncé has released a statement, one hour before Travis Scott following an incident at his Astroworld festival in Houston last night, which left eight people dead and 300 injured. 
A large crowd began pushing towards the front of the stage 
during his set causing serious chaos and mayhem. 
Eleven people went into cardiac arrest and were rushed to the hospital. More than 300 concertgoers were taken to hospital. Medical personnel performed CPR, but were unable to handle all the injured. An unconfirmed report from TMZ claims that someone in the crowd began injecting people with some sort of drug, and speculation is rife that this could have been a targeted attack. Beyoncé was the first one to release a statement and then coincidentally Travis Scott released his statement an hour later. Both Beyoncé and Scott hail from Houston. Megastars like Beyoncé and Michael Jackson can perform in front of millions with no deaths. But Travis Scott, who is nowhere near their level is just some special case...? 
The festival was poorly planned with not enough police, security and medical staff on site. If someone was cutting corners to save money, they may as well not have bothered since they are likely going to have to shell out millions (in the hundreds) when the multiple lawsuits start rolling in. It's what they deserve.