Beyoncé’s husband spreads his delusions: ❝Michael Jackson ain’t never did Coachella!❞

Alicia Keys and Jay Z did a Twitter Spaces interview 
last night and he is saying some wild things!
Beyoncé's husband believes his wife headlining Coachella makes her more iconic than the artist who literally opened doors for her. Because headlining a poxy festival is a major career milestone, lol. 

The constant need to downplay the legacy of MJ, the greatest entertainer to have lived, is baffling especially since his entire discography and album sales totally obliterates hers (and his too!) 

Micheal Jackson was waaaaaay bigger than Coachella. He never played at festivals because he didn't need them. Coachella wasn’t even around when MJ was in his prime. He was pulling Coachella's hype and numbers MULTIPLE times over at his own stadium tours and this was without the social media era. The sheer disrespect and delusion! Beyoncé is a bonafide superstar no doubt, but MJ cultivated an entire pop landscape.

Click here to listen to the entire interview.  


Anonymous said...

I actually agree with what Jay is saying! Toya, it's not about Michael Jackson actually doing "Coachella" the festival, it's about Michael PERFORMING at that magnitude at over 35 years of age! He didn't put on that type of Performance past 35! The highlight performance for MJ was Motown 25, when he was about 23 years old! He retired from touring at 34, after the Dangerous tour! He was only doing the "This Is It" tour for the money to pay his debts!

Beyoncè was 36 with 3 kids when she did Beychella! She is in her TOURING PRIME RIGHT NOW! Not at 23 when Crazy In Love came out! She's only getting better & getting bigger as she gets older! I tell people all the time, the BAR for Beyoncè was NEVER Michael Jackson's peak, but it's Tina Turner's LONGEVITY! Tina was TWICE MICHAEL'S AGE when she Retired from Touring! Beyoncè is hitting her stride at 35 & it's only going from her!

Anonymous said...

@Toya I totally understand what your saying, I will say Beyonce Coachella performance was absolutely iconic & legendary, When "Destiny's Child" came out I completely lost it... Kinda feel badd for the other members because they missed out on this iconic performance & the Superbowl....

Lauryn said...

There is no sense to compare the 2. Jay is delusional.

Anonymous said...

jayz is as delusional as the entire beyhive lmaoo beyonce dont have a solo hit song in 15 yrs shes only known on instagram

Anonymous said...

Don't fuck with Mr Michael Joe jackson name at all
Listen that guy legacy will live on and on
Jay z should not fuck with that guy named at all
The reason Jay z and Beyonce all ways mention his name is because they are jealous
Beyonce is deeply I repeat Mrs Beyonce is deeply in love with that guy
She is jealous because having another identity and still yet his name still lives on
Mr Michael Joe jackson is the most intelligent guy the world has ever seen
He was the most genius man on the planet
For a guy legacy too move on even when he had another identity.he was never dead
I won't blame Beyonce she has the right to be jealous of that guy