Alicia Keys hints she is going independent after latest new album flops...

During her Jay Z joint interview on Twitter Spaces last night, Alicia Keys announces 
that her new album ❝Keys❞ will serve as her last album on a major label.
Alicia is hinting at going the independent route for her ninth studio album after ❝Keys❞ failed to generate the commercial success of previous albums during her 20-year reign on a major (J Records, RCA). 

❝Keys is actually the last album that I have on a major label,❞ she said. ❝I’m super proud and I’m super blessed, not only for the longevity but the love and the passion that remains and maintains.❞

Jay Z congratulated her for being signed to a label for 20 years, as well as being able to complete her contract. In her entire career, ❝Keys❞ is the only album not to chart in the top 5 of the Billboard 200. It is also her first album to chart outside the top 40 with paltry first week sales of 20,800 (SPS). 

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