Chlöe Bailey books another stage with ❝New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.❞

Chlöe Bailey has been announced as a performer at the 
❝New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ with Ryan Seacrest 2022.❞
That chick stays booked and busy! 

Chlöe Bailey doesn't just have a great team. She has a PHENOMENAL team. They clearly understand the dynamics of ensuring she always has a stage. Keeping her name out there is always the plan!  

❝Have Mercy❞ is still doing well. There's no reason why she shouldn't milk the song right before 2021 comes to a close. 


Anonymous said...

In a interview with her sister recently, halle "accidentally" revealed the album is coming the first of the year... I definitely agree "Parkwood" is doing a excellent job with her.