New Music: Aaliyah ft. The Weeknd - ❝Poison❞ ♫♫

Aaliyah is joined by The Weeknd on her posthumous single  ❝Poison,❞ which 
marks the first release from her upcoming collaborations album.
The quality does not sound that much different from the snippet. Whoever was responsible for this awful engineering of mixing Aaliyah’s vocals with The Weeknd's in poor quality deserves not to put foot back into a studio. 

The way a song is mixed and mastered totally affects the impact of the song and the person's listening experience. 

It is understood fans want new music after 20 years, but Aaliyah definitely deserved better. 


nil said...

Yeah I mean at first I was happy to hear her voice, but then the bad quality just overshadows it.
They should Leave her alone please.. :-(
And why would weeknd agree with putting it out like this??

RL said...

They are deadass wrong for this! This is all clearly a last attempt at a cash grab, after her decrepit uncle kept fans from being able to access her music for years.

Weekend should be ashamed for attaching himself to this subpar project.

Jrocka said...

This is not good I see static as a writer so this def a demo from the Red era! The mix is awful because they pitched her vocals to match the weekend whiny ass vocals 😕 im longing for new music from Aaliyah but if this an indication of what to come imma pass on this

Remmi said...

The production is very basic and sounds like it was done on the cheap. Aaliyah's vocals sound all kinds of off. An all around 👎