Britney’s sister gets dragged for saying her book is a ❝bestseller.❞

Although it appears Britney Spears is attempting to bury the hatchet with her sister, fans are not letting up on the youngest Spears sibling. The Free Britney army are now calling for Britney's attorney Matthew Rosengart to carry out some serious national audits after Jamie Lynn jumped on Instagram a few hours ago to announce that her book ❝Things I Should Have Said❞ has now made her a ❝national best selling author.❞ 
Evidence shows Jamie Lynn appears no where on the New York Times Best Sellers list this week and the book itself has dropped to #1,070 on Amazon. The post comes a week after Rosengart (through Britney) sent Jamie Lynn a cease and desist letter, demanding she stops defaming Britney and using the singer's name to promote the book. Even if the book did moderately well during its first week of release (and that's to be expected since she went on a heavy promo run name-dropping her sister at every given opportunity) it certainly doesn't appear to have much staying power now. But hey, if believing her own hype gets her through the day...