Christina Aguilera announces 2022 UK tour...

Pop superstar Christina Aguilera has announced she will play several dates across the UK this summer. The singer-songwriter previously embarked on ❝The X Tour❞ in 2019 and clearly wants to keep the momentum going following the recent release of her new EP ❝La Fuerza.❞  
Christina will perform in Scarborough on August 2nd, before coasting through dates in Liverpool, London and Brighton on August 3rd, 5th and 6th. Good for her! Christina has been going strong with touring and residencies for the past five years now. Maybe this is her making up for not touring within the 2010s. She no longer has the luxury of taking elongated spells out of the spotlight and she seems to be well aware that taking six year breaks from music has hurt her career. 
Fans certainly appreciate that she's feeling more comfortable enough to put herself out there again. Tickets go on general sale on February 4th at 9am courtesy of Live Nation. 


RL said...

Always been a fan of Christina. But you are right, the extremely long breaks caused me to lose interest in her. But at least she took care of herself and never had any public meltdowns.

Still wish she would have done more to push "Your Body." That was the bop she needed to return to the top.

Scoopz said...

Last truly good album from her was Bionic in 2010. Xtina lost her way and seemed confused about the right musical direction for her after that. Mediocre releases sandwiched between long breaks really put a hard break on the momentum she had built up in the 2000s, so these days no one cares. The casual fans she had back in her heyday have moved on and she never secured a new fanbase in the 2010s so a large chunk of the active music buying public have no connection with her. For many of those youngsters who are the ones who take various artists up to the upper echelons of the charts, Christina is a has-been that aint cool to eff with these days. She has got her work cut out if she wants to turn things around. Who knows maybe she has a Cher "Believe" moment left in her.