❝Why Rihanna hasn’t released an album in six years...❞

The New York Post has written an article on ❝Why Rihanna hasn’t released an album in six years.❞ It's a really great read offering different perspectives. 
Rihanna's last album ❝ANTi❞ was released on January 28th, 2016. The powerhouse entrepreneur has become bigger than music with her beauty and fashion empires. Her Fenty Beauty line and Savage x Fenty lingerie brand have literally set her up for life! Such companies officially catapulted her to billionaire status (last year Forbes reported that she amassed a $1.7 billion fortune) making her the world’s richest female musician. She has accomplished what Kanye West has managed to do in much less time. Now at just 33, Rihanna never has to put foot into a studio or arena ever again. Pop stars have to work themselves ruthlessly into the ground to see any kind of significant financial return. Their money is not made in album sales. They have to tour non-stop and in the beginning Rihanna was doing that for each of the albums she was once releasing on an annual basis. 

Now that she no longer has to, she is enjoying living life on her own terms. Do I believe she will release R9? I feel that at some point she will. However, this could very well be her last album before she goes into a very long retirement. And if she does, it will be like a farewell project showcasing gratitude to the fans.



Scoopz said...

I dont blame Rihanna for focusing on building her non musical empire. She never conveyed to me that she truly cared about the artistry and becoming a legendary musical icon in the same way Beyonce strives for. Rihanna seemed to care more about making that paper, living that rockstar life and having fun with it. She never seemed to truly live for and enjoy being a music entertainer. Always seemed like a means to an end. However now shes established a way of making paper in a far more easy and lucrative manner so hats off to her. She made her mark musically BIG TIME now let her have the freedom to do what she really wants.

Remmi said...

She's released 8 albums over a relatively short period (10-11years). By comparison, Janet Jackson has only released 11 albums in 40 years, Michael released 9 over 30 years. A 6 year hiatus isn't really that long when you compare it to the 8, 9 and 10 year gaps artists like Maxwell and Sade leave between albums. She's still young and has plenty of time. Personally, with the exception of Umbrella, I wouldn't consider any of her singles to be iconic, hopefully she's taking her time for that Thriller/TEOM type release.

Remmi said...

Error - 16 year period not 10-11