Uncertainty surrounds Adele’s postponed Vegas residency...

Fans were flying in from across the globe when Adele announced her first run of performances in years would not be going ahead at just 24 hours’ notice. Many of them understandably furious that they paid for flights and accommodation for the concerts and would be left severely out of pocket. 
Initially, she blamed the last-minute postponement on ❝half her crew❞ being off work with Covid, as well as ❝delivery delays.❞ It has since been reported that Adele had ❝butted heads❞ with her set designer Esmeralda Devlin over a swimming pool stunt and other aspects of the show. The singer and her team reportedly insisted on replacing the state-of-the art sound system at the venue's Colosseum theatre with their own. They were also said to have demanded they install an entirely new video system. Other reports suggest she has been having meltdowns over stresses pertaining to her relationship with Rich Paul. Now it seems increasingly unlikely her ❝Weekends with Adele❞ residency will go ahead any time soon, if at all. Her sets were seen being removed from the venue, and she has now been replaced by Keith Urban. As of writing, Urban will be playing weekends at Caesars Palace in late March and early April, prompting fresh fears that Adele may not be able to perform until July (after Sting wraps up his stint in June) and if not... early 2023. 
Honestly, her sets don't even need to be that elaborate. She has the type of fanbase that do not care about the spectacle. They are just happy to see her perform her hits even if it means watching her sing on a park bench with several candles and a projector. Plenty of stars perform under difficult circumstances, but cancelling at just 24 hours notice? Highly unprofessional!