Chlöe Bailey fires & disowns her mom & dad...

On Twitter spaces yesterday, Chlöe Bailey revealed to fans that she’s not close with her parents anymore. She didn’t say exactly what was behind the rift but it seems to have occurred around the same time as Chlöe over-sexualizing her image. 

She fired her mother Courtney who worked as her music/marketing director and stylist. She also fired her father Doug Bailey who also served as her lawyer and manager. Her current manager is now Beyoncé’s step brother, Richard Lawson's son. She’s only close with her Godmother now, and calls her ❝mommy.❞ As for the parental rift, Chlöe told listeners that one day she’ll spill the tea. This young lady started out as quite innocent. And having respectful morals is something her parents likely instilled into her from a very young age. It's not surprising they wouldn't approve of her coochie popping antics (and THAT lollipop scandal). The Godmother constantly hanging off her is lowdown suspect and I hope one day she can heal the rift with her parents.