Roc Nation artists knew about Rihanna & the Super Bowl for MONTHS, as rehearsals kick off...

It is pretty damn admirable that Rihanna may have planned her epic comeback right after giving birth to her son. 

Women are sore, and bleed as well as shed milk right after giving birth. As she sat at home mothering her new born child, Rihanna was plotting an explosive return to the stage. It is giving BeyoncĂ© teas when she was plotting her iconic Coachella performance right after giving birth to her twins. Roc Nation artists have known about the singer's plans to headline the Super Bowl for months, and Fat Joe confirms this. He says he kept it to himself, but does he actually want a cookie for keeping quiet over such classified information? Jay Z would probably have murdered him if he spilled. Rehearsals for the anticipated performance have started this week and Rihanna's choreographer Parris Goebel has been seen in Los Angeles setting things in motion. Exciting times to be a Rihanna fan.