Janet Jackson reacts to Taylor Swift shouting her out on ❝Midnights❞ track ❝Snow On The Beach.❞

❝Now I’m all for you like Janet...❞ 

Janet Jackson is in her Taylor Swift feels, and judging by Taylor's tweet merely moments ago, she clearly feels the same. Anyone that isn't all for Janet by the way... we can't be friends. After Taylor shouts out Janet on ❝Midnights❞ track, ❝Snow On The Beach,❞ the legendary pop icon is now reciprocating the love. On the Lana Del Rey assisted cut, Swift acknowledges Janet's boppy hit, ❝All for You,❞ which was released in 2001. Never mind Janet's cute humming to THAT part of the song, can we talk about how her glasses are simply awesome?

Fun fact: Midnights by Taylor Swift breaks the record for biggest (single day) album debut in Spotify history, previously held by Drake’s Certified Lover Boy.


Anonymous said...

I’m not a Taylor fan, but I love “Willow” after hearing it on Radio 1 so gave the album a listen yesterday, I was surprised by how much I liked it and the lyrical content, really feeling “Snow on the Beach” and “Vigilante Shit”, and liked that she referenced Janet - took me back to the video and my late teens soon as I heard her mention it - Remi

Toya said...

Her music has never really been my cup of tea. However, after hearing she's pushing more than one million units yet again I'm going to listen to her album and see what her hype is about.