Lizzo criticised for saying she’s ❝not making music for white people❞ in Vanity Fair cover story...

Lizzo is facing backlash from white people for saying she's not making music for white people (despite her mainstream following). She felt the need to say something after the internet accused her of making music for a white audience, a criticism she takes issue with. And sure, I totally get the argument that music is universal and is suppose to be for everyone, but I think her words are being misconstrued. She's not telling white people to stop enjoying her music. She is basically saying she writes her songs from a black perspective, using her black experience to cultivate her own brand and music. And if a black person can't have that for themselves, then that in itself is a bigger issue. The singer's comments were made during her cover story for Vanity Fair's November 2022 issue, which you can read here.

Photographed by Campbell Addy.