White 90s pop singer Mandy Moore puts Kanye West in check over his ❝anti-blackness.❞

Talk about a blast from the past. You don't hear much about former pop singer Mandy Moore these days. Back in the late 90s, she came out around the same time as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera with that ❝Candy❞ song. But sadly, she got lost in the shuffle. When she does decide to make a headline it's done for all the right reasons. This week, she took to Instagram to criticise Kanye West over his recent anti-Semitic rant a few days ago. Mandy said, ❝It's time for people to stop saying that man is a genius. Or that mental illness is an excuse for his antisemitism and anti-blackness. You can have compassion for someone's condition but also call them out. Words matter.❞ West made the offensive remarks on Twitter threatening to embark on a death con 3 rampage against the Jews after he faced restrictions on Instagram. Twitter shortly followed with those restrictions. A lot of white celebs that have spoken out against him only seem to care that he spewed hate towards the Jewish community. Unfortunately, they fail to acknowledge he has also spewed hate towards his own black people too. Mandy pointing out his anti-blackness as well is admirable. Discrimination against ALL races and religions is never acceptable.