Rita Ora gushes over being ❝in love❞ with new husband...

Rita Ora is a woman in love! 

During an interview on the Jaime Winstone's ❝Greatest Night Ever❞ podcast, Rita says she's very much in love with new husband Taika Waititi. She reveals she has always wanted the fairytale having been inspired by her parents who have been together for over 30 years. There was no official confirmation about the marriage to Waititi, but then again it's not yet known when the interview took place. She's a known social climber and has certainly kissed a few frogs along the way to benefit her own needs. 

It's extremely rare for her to gush over a man like that when the previous ones had this tendency to come and go like buses. Rita certainly deserves a real gentleman as a husband and it's nice to know some women can have their happy ever after.