Janet Jackson Hulu/FX documentary gets honored with an Emmy this week...

Janet Jackson was the biggest victim of racism.

Not just racism, but misogyny and bigotry in the 21st century’s pop culture history. This can never be denied. So this week, The Times were very deserving upon being honored with five News and Documentary Emmys this week. They were recognised for the courageous and innovative work produced across News and Opinion, including their documentaries for the “The New York Times Presents.” These being a series of standalone documentary films broadcast on FX and Hulu. They received an Emmy for Outstanding Arts, Culture or Entertainment coverage for “Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson.” 

The film examined the racial and cultural currents that collided on the Super Bowl stage in 2004 when Janet's nipple was exposed by Justin Timberlake. The documentary explored how the incident impacted one of the most successful pop musicians in history... and of course we all know how THAT ended.