Is Beyoncé preparing to drop an upcoming ❝Renaissance❞ film?

Is Beyoncé set to drop an upcoming 'Renaissance' film to finally support the long abandoned project? Fans seem to think so! Syd, who produced the singer's 'Renaissance' cut 'Plastic off the sofa,' shares a thank you note she received from Beyoncé, which talks about a film. The message reads:
Thank you for contributing so much to the film. I’m looking at the footage and you’re incredible.
Is this Beyoncé being slick by using other people to build up further hype and speculation? No one is going to risk going against today's biggest NDA queen by revealing her future projects. This post was highly likely authorised by Beyoncé herself. It's probably visuals shot for her upcoming tour, or that damn Tiffany campaign. Nothing to do with the album, I bet! 



Anonymous said...

I Agree About The Tiffany Campaign... Does Halle & Chloe Have A Deal With Them Also, Because BOTH Always Tagging Them In Pictures????