Britney Spears gets compared to conservatorship-free Kanye West...

If Kanye West were a woman, he would definitely be placed under an involuntarily conservatorship! There really isn't any doubt about that. In fact, the misogyny in America just shows how institutionalized prejudice against women could not be more blatant. Actor DL Hughley says:
If Kanye was a female, if he had a vagina, he would already be in a conservatorship. Ask Wendy Williams or Britney Spears, and they didn’t do half the erratic things he did.
He is right.  How Britney was placed under conservatorship for 13 years, while Kanye West continues to spew hate speeches online, and making a nuisance of himself bothering shoe company executives during his every-other-week freak-outs, is something we will never know. Every day that man isn’t placed under conservatorship should come with a written apology to Ms. Spears and Wendy Williams.