Whitney Houston furiously defends her Blackness in new ❝I Wanna Dance With Somebody❞ trailer...

A new trailer for the Whitney Houston biopic ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ puts emphasis on Whitney furiously defending her blackness due to the criticism that her music was too pop, too white and not black enough. In 1989, Whitney was infamously booed at the Soul Train Awards for her image and music being too pop and “white.” 

As amazing as she was, Whitney was probably the first manufactured artist. Meaning, she was the voice which was built by somebody else. She was marketed as a POP artist and her label had her wearing blonde wigs for the era of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody.’ That said, just because a singer doesn't write their own songs doesn't mean they're not great artists. Whitney barely wrote any of her songs yet she was still one of the world's greatest soloists. Regardless of her lack of creative input, her debut album sold 20 million; the biggest ever for a debut. 

As for the trailer, the actress looks NOTHING like Whitney AT ALL. And so far I'm not seeing a ground-breaking portrayal where Naomi Ackie can pull off not having any resemblance to Whitney (as was the case with Angela Bassett playing Tina Turner which was just... an incredible portrayal despite lack of physical likeness).  The actress should have been saved to play Whitney's protégé Brandy instead because she looks more like Brandy... than Brandy. ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ is set to release exclusively in movie theaters on December 23rd. 

Will YOU be seeing it? 


Anonymous said...

I think the actress resembles Brandy more than she does Whitney. I also don’t think the face/personality matches Whitney’s voice. It looks good though - Remi

MKPhillips said...

Horrible casting.