Jennifer Lopez on ‘This Is Me... Now’: ❝It involves something I’ve never done before.❞

J.Lo is dropping her new album, ‘This Is Me... Now,’ very soon. This might be met with some scepticism, but can it be any worse than the crap hogging the airwaves lately? She might at least serve us with a few catchy autotuned bops. Anyway, she just did a Q&A on Twitter answering fans questions about the new musical era. Everything from visuals, album tracks and the "epic" first single. She has also been photographed going to dance rehearsals every day for the past month. She says the album "involves something she's never done before." Really? I mean, it's another whole album dedicated to Ben!

 ‘This Is Me... Now,’ serves as a sequel to her 2002 album ‘This Is Me... Then,’ which celebrated its 20th anniversary last November.


Scoopz said...

Dance vid for Float -

Come on Toya this is a BOP! Lol

Anonymous said...

It's giving either a visual album or a a musical special. It was the term "musical experience" for me, but I could be dead wrong.