Britney Spears cried in pain during abortion as Justin Timberlake casually "strummed his guitar."

Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake has been getting a lot of backlash for his tone-deaf reaction during her medicated abortion. Sharing extracts from her upcoming memoir, “The Woman in Me,” she revealed that Justin sat beside her as she cried at home while he played his guitar during her painful at-home medicated abortion. No nurse or doctor was present and the abortion had to be done at home to prevent the news from leaking. She was about to turn 19 in late 2000 when she fell pregnant. It was previously reported she aborted her baby after Justin was vocal about not being ready to father a child at 19.  

Via Page Six:
“It was important that no one find out about the pregnancy or the abortion, which meant doing everything at home. I kept crying and sobbing until it was all over,” she recalls. “It took hours, and I don’t remember how it ended, but I do, twenty years later, remember the pain of it, and the fear.”
If a man played a guitar or made any type of noise while I was in pain, I simply would have went f*cking mad. Medicated abortions are said to be like intense menstrual cramps and I use to have blackouts with mine as a teenager. I'd like to know how many women would find it comforting having their man play a guitar as her fetus painfully extracted itself from her body. The backlash he's getting isn't because he didn't want to be a father back then (because realistically most 19-year-olds aren't ready to be fathers), but for the way he treated her afterwards when promoting his debut album. She went through a painful abortion (against her will) and then he turns around and slut shames her in interviews. The music video was also the final nail in the coffin. Even though he apologised 20-years later, it still isn't a good look for him. No wonder he was sh*tting himself about the book. Numerous reports have stated he was concerned about what she would reveal about him. And so, here we are. 


Anonymous said...

Britney should host a Justified album burning party! This dude is complete horsey puckey! It takes a real narcissist to do what he did to her then turn around and drop an entire album that painted her as the villain.