Christina Aguilera & Latto serve in the new "Just Eat" commercial...

Just Eat UK once again change the faces of their ‘Did Somebody Say’ campaign. And this time, it is Christina Aguilera and Latto serving hip hop and opera together in the latest Just Eat commercial.

Surprisingly, the song (which is actually not a song but a jingle) is a bop and not as cheesy as expected. It is probably the closest thing we will get from Christina musically. No one knows when she will drop her next English album but it most likely won't be anytime soon! So on that note, yes, they definitely ate and came through with the budget. A lot of money and creativity went into it, but such a shame that such efforts were wasted on a food ad!


Min said...

This is absolutely amazing. I need a full version.

Love the Just Eat collabs. The Katy Perry one is one of her best songs lmao