Britney Spears dines with J Balvin & Maluma while "discussing music."

Britney Spears was enjoying a "late-night sushi dinner" at social club Zero Bond in New York City last night. Popular musicians J Balvin and Maluma spotted the pop icon and CALLED her over to join them. During their hang-out, the trio reportedly talked music, as well as her upcoming memoir, "The Woman In Me" (October 24th.) That is actually interesting. I believe she has so much inspiration to go into the studio and drop an album. In fact, it was only a few days ago she proposed (in a now deleted post) to do a cover of BeyoncĂ©’s “Daddy Lessons” featuring a new rap verse from Jay-Z. So we know she is toying with the idea of a possible comeback. She won't ever revive her glory days due to the conservatorship breaking her soul and no longer being the performer she once was. However, hitting the studio to record a "goodbye" album could very well be therapeutic for her. I believe that one day, we WILL get that final tenth studio album.


Anonymous said...

I truely believe with the right producers she could get her ray of light moment. Of course the sales wont be as big as they used, but she has something about her that people still love and her voice is versatile and she is interesting and has Hype enough to produce a cohesive and personal album. She has stories enough to tell.