Mariah Carey confirms to GMA that new music is "on the horizon"...

It’s been almost 5 years since Mariah Carey released her last studio album, 2018’s "Caution," so of course the Lambily wait in anticipation for brand new music. A semi-announcement is actually the icing on their Christmas cake, but is it really? Does new music "on the horizon" equate to a brand new studio album altogether? The Grammy winner teases on that during a recent visit to Good Morning America.
"I've been working... on just writing new songs," she teased. "Yesterday we were in the studio working on something with a choir, working on a new song. So it's exciting."
Gotta love the "transparency." It is never "I've been working on a new album," but "I've been working on new songs." I personally feel the new music could be for a new album or... it could serve as cross promotion for a TV series based on her life story. We already know such a project is already in the making and that such project is being overseen by herself and director Lee Daniels. MC is also gearing up to hit the road for her “Merry Christmas One and All” tour, which kicks off next week.