TikToker’s review of Beyoncé’s new luxury perfume ‘CÉ NOIR’ goes viral, but why?

Why did this TikTok review of Beyoncé's new luxury fragrance go viral? Is it because Kimi P is the first one to review the premium parfum on social media and her reaction to it wasn't exactly full of jubilancy? Though she was initially excited at first, I was actually expecting her to say, "this sh*t stinks like rotten eggs" the way many folks interpreted the video. But her reaction was nonchalantly indifferent. She paused... because she was trying to process the notes and while she thought the scent was pleasant, she did not consider it ground-breaking. Top notes for the scent are Clementine and Honey; middle notes are Jasmine Sambac and Rose; and base notes are Amber and Myrrh. Homegirl was aggressively rubbing the perfume in after spraying which is NOT what you do since it kills off the volatile top notes, leaving only the base notes present. 

As a result, can her review of the perfume even be considered valid? Because if one doesn't know how to apply a perfume, then perhaps they shouldn't be reviewing it. ‘CÉ NOIR’ is available for pre-order on Beyoncé's website, Parfum.Beyonce.com.