Beyoncé wants bums on seats & drops another trailer for "Renaissance" film; tickets are selling well...

Earlier today, global tickets for the "Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé" went on sale and to give fans further incentive to purchase tickets, Beyoncé dropped another trailer. The whole point of the trailer is to show that this film is simply a gift from Beyoncé to her fans, and not just another money grab. Yet, the marketing for this went into full force because as soon as tickets went on sale, new merchandise was promoted in the form of a collectable "Renaissance" film popcorn tin ($22.99) and fountain drink cup ($12.99) which will be made available at select theaters. Sales seem to be doing incredibly well as tickets for the Le Grand Rex in Paris, the largest movie theater in Europe, have now sold out (when you try to buy tickets a message pops up that says "No more places available online for this session.") 

And to accommodate high demand, they will also be screening the film additionally at 2am at night. Also, due to overwhelming demand, several UK cinema chains have added additional screenings of the film on the opening night on December 1st. Why is this still a surprise though? Beyoncé is effectively the GOAT in real time.