Cover star Christina Aguilera tells Vegas magazine that new album will “experiment with new sounds.”

With Christina Aguilera wowing audiences at Voltaire Las Vegas for her latest residency, she becomes this month's cover star for Vegas magazine. It's been six years since she released her last studio album ‘Liberation’ in 2018, but are we ever going to get a new English project from her? 

“It’s great to be on stage because this new show in Vegas is really fuelling my creativity. I’ve been working on experimenting with new sounds and writing. A lot has happened over the past six years—huge personal and professional changes, growth and new inspirations, so I’m so excited to share all of it in the next album!” she says. Sounds like something we've heard many times before. She has no consistency with her image and sound, barely promotes her records and then when those records flop, she disappears for very lengthy periods. Waiting too long to release albums definitely hurt her career, but failing to find her niche was also a bigger issue. She went from teen pop star, to dirty Xtina, to 1940’s jazz singer, to Lady Gaga copycat, and the inconsistencies just continued throughout her career. When she says she's "experimenting with new sounds", it is just code for saying she's going to drop music that is currently "on trend," but not necessarily a lane that works for her.