Unpopular Opinion: Adele is an overrated singer...

No one is disputing Adele can sing.

She has a nice tone. She can power belt. But her range and technique is quite limited. She doesn't do vocal runs/riffs, melisma, whistle notes and often sings in the same key. Where is this so-called range Rolling Stone speaks of? Christina Aguilera's agility, falsetto and runs in her prime were on another level. Adele could never beat Christina in a SINGING/VOCAL contest.

Christina bagged 141st spot on Rolling Stone's list of 200 greatest singers of all time, while Adele made it to a very generous 22.


Scoopz said...

100%. Adele is extremely overrated as a singer. The people hyping her up have very little knowledge of vocal pedagogy. If they did they'd realise that on a technical level shes mediocre. She has a robust, powerful voice, but the range is limited, and so is her use of it. Its quite one track and played safe. She's not capable of any complex applications related to melisma, dynamics or transitions. She just sings it straight for the most part.

It shows that the Average Joe both cant recognize or appreciate the technicalities behind real vocal talent and instead get caught up in "the feels." Thats what the general public prioritize in a voice.

Not that i want to take it there, but race plays a part as well. A robust voice, coupled with a soulful approach to singing is a dime a dozen in black communities. But when you get someone of a different race with that singing approach, its more of a novelty and given that the majority of the music buying public are of the same phenotype, they find it easier to see themselves in that artist and connect with what they're singing about more. So again they rate them more than for example if Adele was a black woman with the same voice and material. That black woman wouldn't have gotten past the 25 era.

If you're a white artist with a powerful, pleasant sounding, emotive voice they'll be heralded as the best thing since sliced bread.

Whilst Christina benefitted from this reality to a degree, she can actually really sing. Shes just not the cream of the crop like many used to (and to this day still) claim her to be and all because of her PR team putting out their the title "Voice of a generation." She was technically bettered by many of her generation. Keke Wyatt, Beyoncé and Tamia for example are all within the same gen and could sing circles around her if they had to go song for song across a concert. Xtina would crack and strain all over the shop.

However she was their champion, their answer to us and so she got hyped to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Honestly this list looks like it was made by a bunch of intern GenZers! I noticed someone made sure Beyonce made it to the top 10 too! Didn't want to set off her Beyhive!

Anonymous said...

I was in work listening to Radio 2 earlier abs this 80s-sounding song was playing, I could've sworn in was a Janet track, turned out it's Louise from Eternal's new song - "Super Magic". She's no Adele but it's a nice track.

Anonymous said...