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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tulisa opens up about THAT dramatic plastic surgery...

Speaking to The Guardian, Tulisa Contostavlos has admitted to having cosmetic surgery on her lips and cheeks. Her shocking new look made headlines during appearances at Stratford Magistrates Court, where she was found guilty of attacking celebrity blogger Savvas Morgan. She admits to having various procedures, including Botox, injections and fillers.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Full documentary: Tulisa discusses suicide bid in 'Tulisa: The Price of Fame'...

Looks like someone is trying to save their career, but the damage may have already been done. Tulisa Contostavlos appeared in a tell-all documentary last night, called 'Tulisa: The Price of Fame.' The doc follows 12-months of her life consisting of self-shot diary footage as she discusses the nature of celebrity culture and how it feels to be a major celebrity facing public ruin.
Her contemplation into suicide occurred when she found out she was to be charged with conspiring to supply drugs. It also follows the collapse of her drugs trial at London's Southwark Crown Court last week prior to a cocaine sting arranged by Sun investigative reporter Mahzer Mahmood. Since the show, she's embarked on a damage limitation PR campaign, doing multiple interviews at the request of not being asked to discuss her conviction for assaulting celebrity blogger Savvas Morgan. 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Snapshots: Tulisa's shocking new face...

Tulisa Contostavlos was today found guilty of assaulting celebrity blogger Savvas Morgan at the V Festival in Chelmsford, Essex, last August. She was ordered to pay £3,020, including £2,700 of legal costs, a £200 fine and £100 compensation. She adamantly denies the assault and says she will appeal against the verdict. But her guilty verdict is not the reason why these aftermath photos have trended worldwide on Twitter.
It's the fact that she dramatically messed up her face with some botched up plastic surgery. Not that she needed to, because she was actually pretty. In 2012, she was voted FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World, so even if she never gets this vote again, at least she has THAT to hold onto.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Photos of the day!

Last night, Britney Spears won her first ever 'People's Choice Award' for 'Favourite Pop Artist'. She was very overwhelmed and dedicated the award to her fans and two sons. While there, she and new boyfriend David Lucado watched her ex Justin Timberlake scoop the board. I can only imagine how awkward that must have been...