Snapshot: Christina Milian & Lil Wayne are officially dating...

Earlier today, I posted a snap of Christina Milian and Lil Wayne sitting together at the ESPYs last night. Now it's very possible that they could have came there together as friends. But another snap has just surfaced of the pair looking very happy and holding hands. There really is no denying that these two are a couple. He also wrote a song about her called 'Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up,' which he debuted as part of his Weezy Wednesdays series.

Their loved up appearance comes less than a month after Christina called off her engagement to Rap-A-Lot Records CEO Jas Prince. SMH. Not understanding how Wayne is managing to get so many fiiiine women. I for one find it a severe eyesore just to look at him. But whatever floats her boat I guess. I've pretty much said everything I needed to say on the entire situation.

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