Ciara unwraps steamy artwork for new single ‘Overdose’...

One can never overdose on too much sex, but sadly for Ciara, that effect was missing in action for the enthusiasm of music buyers. Her latest album just aint selling! Here's the new saucy artwork for her new single 'Overdose' provided to you exclusively by What we get from it is that, her and Future have a very healthy sex life, but the 'future' of her music career is seemingly on its last legs. 

 I don't even think 'Overdose' can save Ciara's album at this point. It should have been one of the songs taken into priority during the earlier stages of her promotion. Hell, I'll even go as far as to say it should actually have been her lead single. Still, better late than never right? And it IS a really good pop song from her. The single, produced by Josh Abraham and Oliver Goldstein and written by Ciara, Ali Tamposi, and Livvi Franc, is set to hit the radio on October 14th. Listen to it below.