Mutya Keisha Siobhan react to comeback single 'Flatlining' on the chart...

Yeah yeah, that was lame (and predictable) but I DID say the headlines would be relentless. Mutya Keisha Siobhan were hoping to set the chart alight with their comeback single ‘Flatline’ because it was their first single as an original trio since 1998 (when they were first called The Sugababes). 

Sadly, they did not set the chart alight with the Dev Hynes-produced cut and it only managed to peak at a very disappointing #50 in the UK charts. Keisha Buchanan tells Digital Spy that they’re not bothered about the song flopping, because they care more about the album and “not just the singles”. She also hinted at stuff happening behind the scenes that could very well have contributed to the song not becoming a hit. 

"Our goal was to put a song out that people liked and we think we've done that" she says. Except, it just wasn't likable enough to crack the top 20. It also doesn't bode well for the album either. Most albums sell on the back of massive hit singles. It's called 'hype'. Am I surprised at the song flopping? Nope. When I reviewed the song on first listen, the first thing I said was that this track does not scream comeback single at all. It's not a bad song, but you would not release a song like 'Flatline' to show the world you're back with a vengeance.