Full concert: Brandy performs at 'Musicalize' event in London, & gets emotional...

Last night saw R&B diva Brandy perform a concert at the Musicalize event in London. 

She wowed fans at the 02 Arena by performing old classics ('I Wanna Be Down', 'Baby', 'Have You Ever', etc) as well as newer cuts from latest album  'Two Eleven'

Brandy also got emotional when she performed 'When You Touch Me' for the first time live, which is lifted off her third album 'Full Moon', which was released in 2002.  

Footage below.
This was such an underrated album and I only wish she performed more material from it during that era. 

Being knocked up didn't make promoting the project easy but it was too good to waste the way it did. Out of all the albums Brandy has released in her career, that one ranks in my top three.