Video Premiere: Celine Dion - 'Loved Me Back To Life'...

Earlier this week, Celine Dion premiered a poorly edited video of her new single 'Loved Me Back To Life'. The visuals were full of long distance shots to a point where you were better off just watching the fan footage instead. I think her camp finally got the memo after the heavy criticism because they yanked the video off her YouTube channel and only just re-premiered a better edited cut. 

Sure, I've seen some amazing performance videos in my time, from Michael Jackson to Madonna and vice versa. And although you don't get the same level of spark in a Celine video, at least she cared enough to revise the visuals so that fans get a fuller experience of that night. I still hope we get a real music video at some point though. Check it out below.

Celine's forthcoming studio album of the same name drops on November 5th.