New Music: Britney Spears new single ‘Work Bitch’ really IS forgettable...

Life’s a bitch for Britney Spears. Her new single 'Work Bitch' took an online leak, but perhaps it's for the best. Because now we no longer have to stalk the internet waiting to listen to poop like this. 'Work Bitch' was co-penned and co-produced by and Antony Preston, Britney herself, Swedish DJ Otto Jettman and Ruth-Anne Cunningham. Over a pulsating electro club beat, she emphasises the need to work hard like a bitch if you want the hot bod and luxury lifestyle. After all, she DID. 

It's definitely a drag queen's wet dream come true and should see a lot of momentum on the radio and at the clubs. And that's just the good part for starters. The bad? Unfortunately, it's not a strong single by her standards. It's not her most lyrically advanced so I felt it was important she find a way to bring them to life, in which she fails, dismally.

The track is not delivered with the attitude it's clearly intended, the production overpowers her vocals too much, the 'Work Bitch' chanting in a British accent gets tiring and there's absolutely no melody whatsoever. It's just, really forgettable and serves as just another attempt to jump on what's hot (clearly they've been noting the huge success of 'Scream & Shout'). With the song being so production heavy, she's going to have to dance her ass off to it in performances (as well as the visuals) because stiff arm movements and a basic two step just won't cut it I'm afraid.