New Music: JLS debut their last ever single 'Billion Lights'...

After fulfilling the last of their five album deal with Sony Music, JLS are bowing out with their last ever single 'Billion Lights'.

Before JB retreats to his career as old Macdonald, before Oritsé pops up as a contestant on several reality shows and before Marvin and Aston dive full time into their lucrative TV careers, they give you their last departing gift. 

Have a little weep on me.

And take a listen to 'Billion Lights' after the cut.

What else is there to say about the track? It's electronic, generic and pretty much the radio pop banger in which they intended. A billion light years ago, it would gave been a dead cert for #1. But now I'm not so sure. The song is released on November 10th and their upcoming greatest hits album, 'Goodbye - The Greatest Hits' is released on November 18th.