New Music: Kelis - 'Been Given A Morning'...

UPDATE: Kelis confirms that 'Been Given A Morning' is five years old and berates the "thirsty" producer for leaking it without her consent. But I've decided to keep the post up anyway, because it IS a great song and I think she should be proud of it regardless.  

So sadly, the song won't appear as the next track off her upcoming new album, 'FOOD', which really is a shame. Oh well. Produced by Basshitter, the stirring ballad is a jazzy fusion of R&B, soul and some elements of electronica, along with sultry vocals. If you can't wait to hear what's she's cooked up in the studio, give this new-ish/old tune a listen although we now know it won't be representative of her latest sound. It's actually pretty good and she's never cared for radio popularity.

Plus, I love that her genre-hopping is so effortless, and that she never jump on trends. ANY music that you hear, she's already done it. Her new record label, Federal Prism, has yet to announce a tentative release date for the project. But it's expected to drop sometime in the fall of this year.